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Bulk Cement
We are the front most presenter of a varied range of Bulk Cement. These powder products are mixed with water to form a paste like substance that aid in construction and building applications.
Concrete Admixtures
We are widely appreciated in the domestic market place for publicizing in a comprehensive collection of Concrete Admixtures. They satisfy the needs of commercial and residential building applications in an efficient manner.
Surface Treatment Compound
Wide range of Surface Treatment Compound are offered by us in the national market. These compound help in enhancing the strength of different surfaces and make them last longer than the expected period of time.
Concrete Repair Compound
We are publicizing in a broad orbit of Concrete Repair Compound. They are made under the management of talented and experienced personnel along utilizing the up to the minute technology.
Industrial Floor Hardener
For enhancing the performing ability of floors, we are introducing a large array of Industrial Floor Hardener. They are mixed in concrete and provide great strength to floors to withstand heavy weight damage freely.
Protective Coatings
We have gained extreme recognition in the industrial market for providing our customers with a huge array of Protective Coatings. They are made under the direction of skilled manpower along using the progressive methods.
Joint Sealant
We are marketing in a wide range of innovatively made Joint Sealant. These sealants help in blocking the passage of fluids through the surface of openings or joints in materials.
Tile Adhesives
Broad-brimmed ambit of Tile Adhesives are being traded by us in the national economy. They are made with precision to ensure that the needs of all the clients in the market are accurately satisfied.